House of Iyengars

The Iyengars

Sampath  Married the love of his Life Nomita who is a Maths Teacher & the Middle School Coordinator in an IB School and they have two Sons, Kunal who is a BE IT Engineer turned  Music and sound producer/Composer and Aniket who is also a BE Mech Engineer from VIT Vellore & is now in the Second year MBA marketing from NMIMS Mumbai..

The Two of us

Sampath has a kid brother Carlon Iyengar who was born in Dubai and studied in St John the evangelist from Kg to 10th, then was in St Andrews Bandra for his 11th and 12th.
Carlon Graduated from National College Bandra and was part of Sam 7 Computers & Networks for a couple of years.
He later moved to Wipro and was posted in International Locations Like The United States and Phillipines.
He migrated to Sydney ,Austrailia and is currently working with Commonwealth Bank.
He is married and has two kids Vihaan & Phoenix.

Nomita Iyengars Extended Family

Extended Family

Nomita is the youngest of the Three Sisters.

Her Elder Sister Rita Singh who stays in Bangalore is a retired School teacher and Ritas Huband Rakesh Singh is Ex SISL and is now the founder of Circularlogic which is currently focused on Business Agility frameworks like SAFe 5.0,  Rakesh offers Coaching, Consulting and Training services to potential clients.

Rakesh & Rita have two sons 

Rohit who is from the Financial sector and is married to Tia who is also from the Financial sector and are based in Hongkong.

Rahul is a digital marketing professional and is based in New Zealand.

Nomita Middle Sister Sunita Singh hung up her boots after a Long career in Indian Airlines later Airindia and is now in Frankfurt. Sunita’s Husband Mahendra Singh is a Civil Engineer and has been in the construction industry for 3 decades.

Mahendra & Sunita have Two Kids Mithila Singh who is from the financial sector and is married to Gaurav Virendra who also is a Finance Professional.

Akshay Singh is a advocate by profession and is now based in Frankfurt.