Martand Misal Dadar

Martand Misal Dadar
Visited here on 1st October 2021
After almost a decade came to Dadar to visit my Old Printer Repair service centre run by Ashok Lende. He gave me a new address where he moved a couple of years back and it was smack bang in the middle of Dadar market.
Since it made no sense to take a car, Uber it was and it dropped me just a building away. Ashok and his team met and we exchanged news about the industry. As I had some time to spend.I decided to venture around and visited the new Westside in the new Kohinoor square.
As it was nearing lunchtime I spied a small restaurant which promised great Misal from Pune. Now the only problem with Misal is that it is very spicy and I have very delicate taste buds.
The seating was simple with wooden benches. They have so many Marathi quotes on the wall.
I ordered the Misal thali for just 99 rupees!
The thali was full of dry ingredients Like Moong, Boondi, to form the base of the Misal which had a base of Boondi, moong, some ganthiya, and a gentle sprinkling of coriander, There was a cute stainless steel bucket with the gravy which was not at all spicy. The gravy already had some moong and you need to stir the gravy before pouring the same. They give 2 Fresh soft pav’s to go with the Misal, didn’t order more was quite satisfied with just two
There is also a good amount of other Puneri food, will try next time
There was Dahi, chopped onions and lemon, Lassi and some Gulab Jamun for dessert.
Do visit this place next time you are around Dadar.