Sampath At rode Vlogger Event
After a long sojourn, I was invited to an event which was for  Rode Microphones , This was Hosted by Trimac Products New Delhi who is the exclusive distributor for rode products in India. This was an event for vloggers in Mumbai. It had two sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s nice to see companies taking note of the health of the attendees.
I remember Novotel where one of the Social Media Week was hosted and my taste buds tingled with the food and the head chef at that time was none other than Chef Ranvir Brar
Alas I thought that there was no breakfast so I had an English breakfast and came as it was already running late
Arrived about 30 minutes late and the first speaker was up talking about his channel DIY which is a kind of apple product help channel.
Audio is 50% of the video (and if people are just hearing something its 100% ) You can watch a low res video but can’t unhear a low res or bad quality audio
The best output for Youtube is the WAV format but as I added there has to be a bit of post-production as we listen on different devices like TV, headphones, Laptop, tables so a balance has to be made so it sounds good on all of them
Rode products are legendary for build quality, ease of use, output quality is the hallmark of Rode products.
We next had the legendary Radhakrishnan Chakyat who is one of the Top photographers in India and has an amazing
YouTube channel just shy of 1 M Subscribers, His trademark style of simple explanations has resulted in millions of views for his Channel Pixel Viilage .
He Says YouTube is the only medium that gives you a second chance. When he started his channel his first Investment was into a Rode filmmaker kit (he quips Maajja Aya ) which in his wisdom is the critical part of being a great storyteller.
During Q & A I asked him the reason for the exponential growth of pixel viillage , He Frankly says he doesn’t know. He doesn’t follow any algorithm, doesn’t follow trends.
He tries to present in the most simple way possible. He further says I would like to present the way I would like to hear and understand it.
The secret recipe says Radha is People should trust you, So he says no Brand Bashing, No product Shootouts, no names no brands. Gather experience over time. He also never makes talking points, everything is extempo.
Bank on Experience and not on other Youtube videos, Always present a neutral point of view.
Next up was India’s first Female Motor Blogger , Vishakha Fulsunge She was so smartly dressed! and with her trademark vlogging kit took an instant capture of the audience.
She shared how she was trolled for the first time and ended up in the hospital traumatised by the experience but bounced back and got back to her vlogging journey, She thanked her mom for the support and says there should be more mothers like her mom.
She added struggle is for real and quality is going lower, Invest in good equipment after creating at least 50 videos. She is slowly moving to travel in addition to her moto blogging
We then had a gentleman from Trimac who ran us through all the mikes and different types of mikes. It was quite technical but as I have a channel called Jam with Sam was able to follow.
The lucky draw followed with prizes galore. those who didn’t win got goody bags of a really nice rode mug which adorns my desk and a classy rode notebook which was taken by Aniket Iyengar.
A sumptuous lunch follows and I connected to Radhakrishnan Chakyat and had a nice click with him. Also connected to Harish Solanki who has 12 Youtube channels and 4 of them have crossed 1 million subscribers.