Cafe Mommy Joon Bandra

The Foodies by night group always love to explore different cuisines. We pay for our own meals 🙂
About 10 days back just before Ganpati week started we homed into an appetizing joint at Bandra ( We limit ourselves up to Bandra given the commute time and the 10 PM deadline)
Cafe Mommy Joon is located just behind the large linking road market garden
There is valet parking here and Shankar managed to park his new MG Hector which had a massive panoramic sunroof. (or moon/Star roof at night)
since we had pre-booked we got a table of our choice which was inside.
The ambience is totally Persian and this cafe is a heaven for non-veggies. We were offered the Raan biryani but declined as it would be too much and we wouldn’t get to enjoy the other dishes.
We proceeded to order the starters and main course.
We got a nice crispy snack with some yummy dips and we four polished it off as we were ravenously hungry.
Cafe Mommy Joon
One important thing is, Place the complete order beforehand as it takes time to prepare some items. and most important please keep space for dessert.
First-order up was the Lamb Barbari which was like a chicken pocket. This is a must order and a signature dish and is good for 4 people to share, In fact, we liked it so much that we ordered the Chicken pocket.
Lamb Barbari
Then was another must order dish which was the Persian platter which had both lamb and chicken kebabs, the veggies also very succulent. This dish is good for 4 people who are sharing.
We also ordered lemonade without ice and mojito mint which was also well made and had a good zing to it.
Kebab Platter

Proceeding to the main course we ordered 1 Addas Polow which was rice cooked with lentils and meatballs with a good sprinkling of raisins.

Addas Polow

The next dish was Lamb Ghormeh with saffron rice with kidney beans and lamb which was bursting with flavours.

Lamb Ghormeh with saffron rice

This brings us to the highlight which was baklava with homemade ice cream. This was so sinful that I could have eaten the complete plate all by myself.

baklava with homemade ice cream

More Pictures here


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